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With the majority of workers spending around 40 hours each week in their office surroundings keeping the office clean, and ensuring it's a healthful and safe place to be of extreme importance.

When offices decide to rely on its own employees to maintain the working environment clean and tidyprofessional cleaners can make a huge difference and can spare your business time andmoney.

This is why getting your workplace cleaning out could be among the greatest decisions you could make for your office and staff.

The benefits of hiring a specialist workplace cleaner are:

1. Green cleaning

At Office Cleaning Services we are proud to have attained demonstrating that we are among the very best cleaning companies across London, Hertfordshire and Essex. We understand how important it's to reevaluate our carbon footprint in addition to understand the ecosystem is impacted by our activities. With the ISO 14001 certification we are committed to providing cleaning solutions and assisting our clients be more friendly too!

2. A workforce

Workers are given the freedom by A tidy and organized office environment. Mess, dirt and clutter can be distracting.

We discovered an overwhelming 90% of office workers feel more productive when we conducted our London Office Worker's Survey.

An office where attention or no care is taken to ensure things are kept in order can be tricky to work in. It is also probable that documents get lost or thrown off.

Hiring cleaners will make sure your office operates like a machine, along with the cleaner that the workplace will be the more probable that employees will take care to keep their personal space organized, desk clean, and files neatly filed away.

3. Saves time and cash

If office cleanup is made to manage amongst themselves time spent doing this can add up to many hours that are taken from the programs which might have been used efficiently to boost and increase the company.

You are given and your employees peace of mind by contracting out cleanup work.

Knowing that you're currently developing a safe, organised and welcoming working environment ensures that everyone is able to get on with their tasks. Doing this reduces stress in needing to assign cleaning tasks to workers or tension between workers who may deem others not 'pulling their weight' when it comes to keeping the office clean.

Hiring professionals results having the ability to work on their own projects the ones!

4. A healthier environment

Without cleaners, it could be simple to let dirt and bacteria develop. With a lot of folks eating at their desks, with amenities, cooking and touching office equipment and surfaces it is quite easy for germs Extra resources and bacteria to propagate.

A research by professional resource supplier Hloom found that common office items have a number of germs. Did you know, as an instance, a college toilet seat may not carry up to 34 times more germs than the handle of a coffee pot? Or that start button on a backup machine carries 4 times more bacteria in the pet's bowl?

The amount of bacteria and germs found in an office environment can make it simple for ailments to spread, resulting in sick days taken by the group. Our post 'Office Managers -- Do you understand how clean your office actually is?' Looks office supervisors that are what and in depth at hygiene at the office can do in order to keep staff healthy and safe.

Our cleaners are professionally trained in sanitation practices assisting ensure your office is healthy sterile and germ-free -- lowering the spread of bacteria.

5. Staff attitude enhancesShowing your employees that you're inclined to invest resources and time shows a dedication to providing them.

Employees that feel cared for are confident about coming to the workplace, and are more inclined to work and sense a greater devotion and loyalty to their occupation and the business as a whole.

6. Professional cleaners supply experience and experience

Selecting a professional office cleaning services means that you may expect the highest standards of cleaning.

Cleaning employees who are given expert training and possess appropriate expertise will know how to make sure that your office is not only surface cleaned but washed and thoroughly so you know which you're getting a professional job -- on every trip.

7. Proper tools and equipment

Professional cleaners are equipped with the tools and equipment required to carry out office.

Be itenvironmentally friendly cleaning cleaning gear or products, at Office Cleaning Services, we guarantee that our employees are equipped with what they will need to present your office room a thorough clean.

8. Good first impressions

An office that has been professionally cleaned appears especially different to one which hasn't.

This usually means that when you have potential members of staff or significant business visitors they'll have an outstanding impression that will reflect on your company and you.

9. A customised cleaning programme to suit your needs

Each office has cleaning requirements that are different and by selecting a that is our website professional, so, you can make certain to make the office cleaning services that you require.

Rather than a normal general tidy, or 'one size fits all' policy, at Office Cleaning Company we sit down with each client to discuss precisely what services they require and when, think of a tailored programme to suit that companies particular and exacting demands. We offer a assortment of services from carpet and window cleaning to computer cleaning all to the greatest professional standard, so all of your requirements we can deliver exactly the sort of cleaning your demand.

10. A professional contract guarantees peace of mind

Signing a contract ensures that your cleaners are dedicated professionals who won't let you down. We use cleaners that are experienced and every cleaning employee is visited by us in their home to check their approaches. They're given training such as health and safety training, meaning you could rest assured all safety and health guidelines are adhered to and of our cleaners are fully insured too for your peace of mind.

You are given a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact to deal with all of your company's demands and queries. We are proud of our excellent customer support and our customers have come to professional professionalism, value for cash, and an great job all the time.

The advantages of hiring expert office cleaners are extensive, and now in Office Cleaning Company, we are extremely proud of the support we provide.

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